Deep State

Houston Chronicle

In a debate a few days before the Republican runoff election in the 2nd Congressional District, both candidates rather casually referred to “the deep state”, a phrase much in currency on the right in this year’s campaigns. Former Navy SEAL … Continued


Memorial Examiner

The recent announcement by former Virginia senator Jim Webb that he’s running for the Democratic presidential nomination had a deep personal resonance. I may be a Republican and a devoted Jeb Bush supporter, but Webb remains the most fascinating personality … Continued


Houston Chronicle

POLITICAL JUNKIES LONG FOR REAL CONVENTION FIGHT Toward the end of eight years of Democratic rule in the White House, the governor and junior senator of the bedrock Republican state in the nation both are angling for the GOP presidential … Continued

Sharia Law in Texas

[Note: An edited version of this letter appeared in the Dallas Morning News on 29 March 2014.] Candidates in this year’s Texas Republican primary and runoff campaigns have been ignoring the significant issues faced by the state. These include reforming … Continued